Updated On 01/27/21

1.  Bent Paddle ESB Nitro ABV 5.6%  $5
ESB is a English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB) style beer.

2.  Southern Tier Creme Brulee Nitro ABV 10%  $8
NITRO Crème Brulee offers cascading, creamy richness with notes of vanilla and custard with a smooth milky finish that is uncannily true to the namesake dessert.

3.  Founders Solid Gold   ABV 4.4%  $5
Solid Gold is a drinkable premium lager brewed with the highest quality ingredients.

4. Loon Juice Extra Juicy  ABV 5.5%  $7
Loon Juice Apple Cider with added Apple Juice – EXTRA JUICY!

5. Ace Pear Cider   ABV 5%  $7
Made from a base of 100% pure, local apple juice.

6.  Deschutes Fresh Squeezed    ABV 6.4%  $5
This IPA gets its flavor from a heavy helping of citra and mosaic hops.

7.  Toppling Goliath Morning Delight ABV 12%  $8
Limited imperial stout brewed with coffee and maple syrup.

8.  Oskar Blues Death By King Cake ABV 6.5%  $6
Inspired by the traditional Mardi Gras treat, this decadent white porter is brewed with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cacao nibs, orange peel and pecans.

9. B Nectar Zombie Killer   ABV 6%  $7
Made with Michigan tart cherry juice, apple cider and star thistle honey.

10. Central Waters Pecan Kringle ABV 12.3%  $8
Nose is sweet doughy pastry, butter, pecans, and sweet caramel/toffee. Taste follows, quite sweet, slightly bitter, not much bourbon taste or heat.

11.  Bent Paddle Bent Hop Golden IPA   ABV 6.2%  $5
An unexpected visual bend to an American IPA.

12.  Fulton Lonely Blonde   ABV 4.8%  $5
The Lonely Blonde wears a delicate fragrance of Czech Saaz hops, and flaunts German Pilsner, Crystal 10, and White Wheat malt.

13.   War Pigs Foggy Geezer ABV 6.8%  $6
Hazy India Pale Ale.

14.  Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue   ABV 7%  $6
She roars with ferocious aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen.

15.  Loon Juice Sangria Rose ABV 5.5%  $7
A blend of Honeycrisp apples and and array of fresh fruit!

16.   Toppling Goliath Pompeii ABV 5.8%  $6
Mount Vesuvius preserved the complex mosaics of Pompeii, this single-hop IPA preserves the luxurious taste of the Mosaic hop.

17.  Big Sky Moose Drool ABV 5.1%  $5
Moose Drool is brewed with pale, caramel, chocolate, and whole black malts; and Kent Goldings, Liberty, and Willamette hops.

18.   Toppling Goliath King Sue ABV 8%  $7
King Sue is a New England-style Double IPA that’s brewed by Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. This hazy DIPA is powered by Citra hops, delivering a big bite the exceeds 100 IBUs. But not to worry.

19.  Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner ABV 5.3%  $5
Pivo Pils offers impeccable balance with floral aromatics, spicy herbal nuances, and bergamot zest.

20.  Summit Extra Pale Ale ABV 5.1%  $5
Its light bronze color and distinctly hoppy flavor have made it a favorite in the Upper Midwest.

21.   Bent Paddle Fruited Pordij   ABV 6.3%  $6
This style of beer generally offers hop-forward flavors and aromas as well as hop bitterness supported by a malt backbone. Use of different hops offer different flavors and aromas.

22. Cider Boys Sangria ABV 5%  $7
Hard Apple Sangria Cider

23.  Bad Weather Ominous Double Brown Ale ABV 7.5%  $7
American, English and Belgian malts come together to satisfy the soul with a rich, nutty, roasted flavors. Dark candi sugar brings out hints of dates, raisins, plum and chocolate. OMINOUS is a dark storm of a beer.

24.   Mob Craft Vanilla Porter   ABV 7%  $6
Vanilla Wafer Porter is a vanilla porter swirling with chocolate malt notes that will leave you floating in bliss. Smooth vanilla melds perfectly for a porter that’s outtasight!

25.   Odell Isolation ABV 6%  $6
We celebrate the return of Isolation Ale—a sweet-caramel malty ale balanced by a subtle crisp hop finish.

26. Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale ABV 7.3%  $7
Pumpkin pie spices, natural cinnamon, nutmeg, and real pumpkin are perfectly balanced in this sweet, fully enveloping Pumpkin Ale.

27.  Toppling Dragon Fandango   ABV 5%  $8
Join the dragon in a dance to celebrate this unique kettle sour, blended with dragon fruit, mango and passion fruit puree. Raise a glass, dance the fandango and celebrate the magic of these tropical fruits

28.   Castle Danger Mosaic Fresh Hop ABV 6.8%  $6
Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA is brewed with farm fresh Mosaic hops, picked fresh off the vine in the Pacific Northwest. Mosaic hops deliver juicy, fruity, tropical notes which balance this IPA out nicely.

29.   Toppling Goliath Intergalactic Warrior ABV 6.2%  $6
Big body, bold flavor, with a boost of citrus rind and just a kick of spiciness in the finish, Intergalactic Warrior is an India Pale Ale worth fighting for.

30. Mob Craft Nigel’s Coconut Delight   ABV 9.5%  $7
Inspired by coconut rum cake this Imperial Stout is a mix of smooth lactose, molasses, toasted coconut, and vanilla – aged to perfection in Jamaican black strap molasses rum barrels.

31.  Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison ABV 5.5%  $5
Perfectly balanced and moderately sweet with light citrus notes and a distinct spiciness from choice Belgian yeasts.

32.  Indeed Mexican Honey   ABV 8%  $6
Brewed with Mexican orange blossom honey and Amarillo hops.

33.  Odell Peach Stand Rambler ABV 5%  $6
A Blonde Ale brewed to accentuate fresh Palisade peaches, this beer is refreshing and bright.

34.  Toppling Goliath Nugmo ABV 6.6%  $12
Mosaic, Sabro, Simco, and Amarillo hops join forces to create a bouquet of tropical citrus and pineapple aromas.
Followed by: Toppling Goliath Hopsmack ABV 7.7%  $6
Giant aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit jump from this enticingly complex double IPA. True to its name, this brew delivers a heavy smack of dry hops and a double dose of bitterness in the finish.

35. Mikkeller Passion Pool   ABV 4.6%  $7
Gose brewed with insane amounts of Passion fruit filled with rich aromas of passionfruit, guava and citrus notes.

36.  21st Amendment Blood Orange IPA   ABV 7%  $6
Brewed with real blood oranges with a base of Brew Free or Die IPA.

37. Toppling Goliath Morning Latte ABV 8.9%  $7
Mornin’ Latte is an imperial coffee milk stout brewed with lactose and a careful blend of cacao nibs and aromatic coffee to emulate an iced mocha latte.

38.  Rush River Unforgiven Amber Ale   ABV 5.5%  $5
Rich in flavor and mildly sweet.

39. Wild State Raspberry Hibiscus ABV 4.9%  $7
Fresh pressed apple cider made in Duluth Mn with raspberries and Hibiscus.

40.  Surly Todd The Axe Man (MN)   ABV 7.2%  $6
Loaded with fresh American aroma hops on a base of rich Golden Promise malt, Surly’s signature malt.

41.   Rogue Batsquatch Hazy IPA ABV 6.7%  $6
This juicy, cloudy IPA features intense tropical flavors and aromas.

42. Firestone Walker Double Jack Double IPA ABV 9.5%  $7
True to its roots, the new Double Jack is triple dry-hopped after four initial hop additions in the cellar. The result is a massively hopped yet improbably balanced double IPA—and an enduring throwback to the freewheeling origins of the West Coast style.
Followed by: The Bruery Hold The Spoon Black Chocolate Cake ABV 8.5%  $7
Inspired by the palate-pleasing flavors of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams’ Blackout Chocolate Cake ice cream, this imperial milk stout is mouth-filling and complex, with notes of rich cocoa, chocolate cake, bittersweet fudge, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

43. New Holland’s Dragons Milk Ale   ABV 11%  $7
Hints of bourbon flavor perfectly compliment its roasted malts.

44.  Offshoot Escape West Coast IPA~California ABV 7.1%  $6
Hazy/ New England Style IPA – Escape into this West Coast IPA any day of the week. Clean, crisp, and clear, this concoction of Mosaic, Strata, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops submerges the senses with notes of tropical passionfruit, grapefruit zest, and pine.

45.  Toppling Goliath Scorpius Morchalla ABV 7.8%  $7
This excitingly hazy double IPA is a tribute to our love of great hops and morels. Created with a combination of Pacific Northwest and Southern hemisphere hops.

46. Victory Golden Monkey ABV 9.5%  $7
The richness of German malts and Belgian yeast are tempered by a sparkling approach and overall light body.

47.  Mob Craft Peanut Butter Candy Time ABV 9.5%  $7
It’s Peanut Butter Candy Time! This Imperial Stout with cacao nibs, Butterfingers, Nutter Butters & loads of peanut will dance its way into your hearts. Now, break it down.

48. Bent Paddle P.O.G     ABV 4.4%  $7
We brewed an American kettle sour, in the Berliner Weisse style, to pair with the tropical flavors of Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava (P.O.G).

49. Destihl Lynnbrook Raspberry Nitro ABV 3%  $7
A wild Berliner-Style Weisse with raspberries added, resulting in a very refreshing beer presenting with fuchsia color and a raspberry-lemony aroma giving way to hints of brie and barnyard funkiness. The beer’s dry finish helps cut through some sweetness from the fruit.

50.  Summit Oatmeal Stout Nitro ABV 4.7%  $5
Smooth and slightly sweet with hints of coffee, caramel and chocolate.