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1. Boulder Mojo IPA – Nitro ABV – 7.2% $6
Mojo reflects the perfect balance of hop bitterness and malt character. The unique Amarillo hop creates a big citrus flavor with an ultra-crisp dry finish.

2. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro ABV – 6% $6
The aroma is of brown sugar and vanilla cream, with hints of roasted coffee. Initial roasty, mocha flavors rise up, with slight hop & roast bitterness in the finish.

3. Founders Solid Gold ABV – 4.4% $5
Never brewing to style, but always brewing what we want to drink. Our take on a classic, Solid Gold is a drinkable premium lager brewed with the highest quality ingredients. Challenging what a lager can be? That’s something we won’t regret.

4. Lift Bridge So Jelly ABV – 8% $7
So Jelly is a barrel aged stout loaded with all natural blackberry pure.
followed by… Dogfish Head Super 8 ABV – 5.3% $7
Super-Fruit Gose brewed with Hawaiian red sea salt, prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, and kiwi juices & toasted quinoa.

5. Ace Pear Cider ABV – 5% $7
Made from a base of 100% pure, local apple juice. Pear essence is added to give the cider its distinctive pear taste; a taste so fresh and natural it is already proving as popular as its more traditional apple counterpart. This cider is naturally gluten free.

6. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed ABV – 6.4% $5
This mouthwatering delicious IPA gets its flavor from a heavy helping of citra and mosaic hops. Don’t worry, no fruit was harmed in the making of this beer.

7. Boulevard Hibiscus Gose ABV – 4.2% $6
Based on the pleasantly sour, slightly salty wheat beers from Leipzig, Germany, uber popular in the 1800s. An enchanting introduction to sours, Hibiscus Gose sees coriander and sea salt during the boil. Dried hibiscus flowers are then steeped in the beer to create a vibrant pink hue (really–it’s pink!)

8. Destihl Pina Colada Gose ABV – 5.7% $7
If you like Piña Coladas, then you’re going to love this fun, refreshing take on our Leipzig-style Gose, which is brewed with pineapple and coconut for a tropical twist on this classic sour ale.
followed by… Whole Hog Dixie Peach Hefeweizen ABV – 5.7% $5
A Hefeweizen beer filled with peaches!

9. B Nectar Zombie Killer ABV – 6% $7
Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser is made with Michigan tart cherry juice, apple cider and star thistle honey. It is sweet but balances nicely with the tart cherries.

10. Schells Sangria ABV – 4.8% $6
Introducing Schell’s Red Sangria lager, brewed specially for the Minnesota state fair! This beer brings the flavor profile of a red wine sangria to a radler-style lager. Bright and refreshing with notes of apple, pear, citrus and elderberry!

11. Bent Paddle Bent Hop Golden IPA ABV – 6.2% $5
An unexpected visual bend to an American IPA. This style is one that stands out in a crowd.

12. Fulton Lonely Blonde ABV – 4.8% $5
The Lonely Blonde wears a delicate fragrance of Czech Saaz hops, and flaunts German Pilsner, Crystal 10, and White Wheat malt, which contribute medium-light body, fair complexion, and a pleasantly lacy white head.

13. WarPigs Foggy Geezer ABV – 6.8% $5
A super fruity amd dank Warpigs Hazy IPA forged in collaboration between Three Floyds and Mikkeller.

14. Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue ABV – 7% $6
This single hop pale ale showcases the Citra hop for a well balanced beer that is delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. She roars with ferocious aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen.

15. Lift Bridge Mango Blonde ABV – 4.8% $6
This beer is a limited release experience of summer coming. The aroma of a tropical breeze from a fresh mango grove leads into a light bodied blonde ale, finishing with a subtle mango sweetness that does not overpower the golden malt.

16. Toppling Goliath Pompeii ABV – 5.5% $6
This single-hop IPA preserves the luxurious taste of the Mosaic hop.

17. Big Sky Moose Drool ABV – 5.1% $5
Moose Drool is brewed with pale, caramel, chocolate, and whole black malts; and Kent Goldings, Liberty, and Willamette hops.

18. Maui Big Swell IPA ABV – 6.2% $5
Its flavor begins with a smooth, malty creaminess followed with a big burst of dry-hop flavor from English Kent Golding Hops. It then finishes with a lingering yet pleasant bitterness. Big Swell IPA is a fresh handcrafted India Pale Ale brewed with huge amounts of American hops and malted barley…dry hopped to perfection!

19. Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner ABV – 5.3% $5
Pivo Pils offers impeccable balance with floral aromatics, spicy herbal nuances, and bergamot zest and lemongrass notes from dry hopping with German Saphir hops.

20. Summit Extra Pale Ale ABV – 5.1% $5
Its light bronze color and distinctly hoppy flavor have made it a favorite in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the rest of the Upper Midwest ever since we first brewed it back in 1986.

21. BauHaus Sky 5 IPA ABV – 6.7% $5
Generous late hop additions provide loads of hop flavor, with just enough bitterness to ignite your senses and make your wilder dreams come true. Notes of citrus, passionfruit and spice are supported by German and British malts, building a full-flavored yet balanced IPA.

22. Cider Boys Raspberry ABV 5% $7
Apple-Raspberry Hard Cider. Your first taste breaks into a thirsty grin. Taste number two confirms the first. One more taste, and positive vibes roar. Raspberry Smash is for those who get it. Wild nights. Refreshing winds sweeping under your feet a blast of fresh raspberries colliding with sweet apples in a rarely seen big time blend.

23. Lupulin Apricot Blonde ABV – 5.5% $5
When winter finally loses it’s grip on Minnesota, it’s time to head outside and enjoy the warm weather. To mark the occasion, we brew this fun and refreshing beer made from real apricots. Perfect for enjoying on a sunny day on the lake!

24. Destihl Hawaii 5 Ale ABV – 4.8% $6
The latest in our popular line of fruit beers, this tropical style beer has 150 pounds of five fruits, including peach, pineapple, mango, strawberry and blueberry. Giving you the feeling of being on a Hawaiian beach…it’s perfect for welcoming the long-awaited warmer Illinois weather.

25. Stone Tangerine IPA ABV – 6.7% $6
We use bountiful whole tangerine purée, which brings pithy, crisp bitterness to the citrus flavor. In addition to the complexities of the tangerine we judiciously employ just a hint of whole pineapple for a backnote.

26. Lift Bridge Juice Z ABV – 5% $6
A monstrous blend of fruit-forward hops is balanced out with golden malt, wheat and oats. Forget the bitter aftertaste – this New England Style IPA is smooth, citrusy ray of tropical sunshine in an otherwise chaotic world.

27. Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial ABV – 4.2% $7
We added a heavy dose of raspberries to our summer sour ale. The end result was so delicious, we decided to recreate it! This delightfully tart fruit beer is refreshing, with a citrusy raspberry aroma which transitions to a subtlety sweet and tart finish.

28. Bauhaus Lounge Wizard Juicy Pale Ale ABV – 5.2% $5
Showcasing juicy hop flavors and aromas reminiscent of pungent tropical fruit and candied citrus with a soft texture and a pleasantly dry finish, Lounge Wizard is like a leisure suit for your mouth!

29. Founders Green Zebra Gose ABV – 4.6% $6
Subtly sour and a little sweet, this ale is a refreshing take on a nearly extinct German style, gose. Watermelon is the highlight of this lightly-hopped treat and gives it a hint of satisfying juiciness.

30. Bells Oberon ABV – 5.8% $5
Oberon is a wheat ale fermented with our signature house ale yeast, mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas. The addition of wheat malt lends a smooth mouthfeel.

31. Destihl Weissenheimer Hefeweizen ABV – 5.9% $5
The aroma and flavor of this classic hefeweizen is decidedly fruity with clove, nutmeg-like and even vanilla-like phenolics. Banana-like esters are also present.

32. Boulder Shake ABV – 5.9% $6
This unique brew blends five different grains, including Chocolate Wheat, that along with cacao nibs create a devilishly delicious chocolate finish with a velvety mouth feel.

33. 21st Amendment SparkAle ABV – 5.5% $6
Our sparkling rosé ale is a refreshing pop of fruit and fizz with tart flavors and a crisp finish. Crafted with apple, cranberry, peach and cherries.

34. Boulevard Tequila Lime Gose ABV – 5.9% $7
Lively, crisp and clean, this German-style sour is infused with sea salt, coriander and lime for a refreshing journey south of the border. Notes of oak, vanilla and caramelized banana are balanced by hints of tart lime and tequila, tapering to a slightly salty finish.

35. Toppling Goliath Scorpius Morchella Double IPA ABV – 7.8% $6
This excitingly hazy double IPA is a tribute to our love of great hops and morels. Created with a combination of Pacific Northwest and Southern Hemisphere hops.

36. 21st Amendment Blood Orange IPA ABV – 7% $6
Brewed with real blood oranges with a base of Brew Free or Die IPA.

37. Odell Hammer Chain IPA ABV – 8% $7
Hammer Chain is brewed with meticulously sourced, vibrant American hop varieties and packed with notes of drippy tropical fruit, radiant peach, and sweet stonefruit.

38. Rush River Unforgiven Amber Ale ABV – 5.5% $5
Rich in flavor and mildly sweet, this amber ale is dry- hopped in the conditioning tank to add a subtle herbal nose.

39. Cigar City Guayabera ABV 5.5% $5
Guayabera is Filled with a Citra hop varietal, an ingredient that imparts notes of tangerine, lime and berries to this traditional American Pale Ale. The exclusive use of Citra hops in this beer creates a flavor that’s at once unique and recognizable, while it’s dry, crisp character and moderate alcohol make it refreshing and crisp.

40. Surly Todd The Axe Man ABV – 7.2% $6
“Todd – The Axe Man” – a potent IPA loaded with fresh American aroma hops on a base of rich Golden Promise malt, Surly’s signature malt.

41. Elliot Ness Amber Ale ABV – 6.2% $5
Deep Amber red color, with a fragrant malt aroma. Flavorful notes of rich caramelized malt and noble hop flavors harmonize on the palate leading to a crisp clean finish.

42. Dog Fish Dragons and Yum Yums ABV – 6.5% $6
Dragons & YumYums is an intensely tropical – yet subtlety bitter – pale ale brewed with a combination of dragonfruit, yumberry, passionfruit, pear juice and black carrot juice.

43. New Holland’s Dragons Milk ABV – 11% $7
This strong ale was aged in oak for over 120 days. The aging process extracts flavors from the wood, which contribute to its complex character. Hints of bourbon flavor perfectly compliment its roasted malts to produce a beer fit for a King.

44. Toppling Goliath Dolphin Sparkles ABV – 7.3% $6
This collaboration beer created by Barrel Theory Beer Company and Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. Dolphin Sparkles is a West Coast Double India Pale Ale.

45. Odell Freik Sour ABV – 6.5% $7
Kriek lambic blended from three different aged kriek beers up to 2 years old. Aged in Woodcut barrels.
followed by… Central Waters Strawberry Guava Sour ABV – 5.7% $7
We think this may help. A sour ale fermented with both strawberry and guava that contribute not only their fruit forward notes, but add to the pleasant acidity in this beer as well. Refresh yourself!

46. Victory Golden Monkey ABV – 9.5% $6
The richness of German malts and Belgian yeast are tempered by a sparkling approach and overall light body.

47. Horney Goat Peanut Butter Porter ABV – 6.5% $5
A full bodied porter that gets its dark luscious color from the generous use of roasted malts. We bring just enough hops to balance out the hefty malt backbone but leave the stars of the show to shine.

48. The Bruery Wit The Funk ABV – 5.7% $7
Wit The Funk is crafted with tradition in mind. First we brewed a classic Wit with orange peel and coriander that’s fermented with a combination of yeasts, Brettanomyces and our own house mixed culture. Next the beer is aged to final
maturation in Terreux’s Foeder Forest in a combination of American and French oak.

49. Bender Nitro ABV – 5.5% $5
The very first Surly beer, this brown ale is rounded out with a nitro pour and complemented by the velvety sleekness oats deliver. Belgian and British malts usher in cascades of cocoa, bitter-coffee, caramel, and hints of vanilla and cream.

50. Left Hand Flamingo Dreams Nitro ABV – 4.7% $7
Blonde ale with berries added. Super smooth & refreshing. Subtle zing from berry notes with a striking pink color.