1. P Boulder Mojo IPA – Nitro ABV – 7.2% $6
Mojo reflects the perfect balance of hop bitterness and malt character. The unique
Amarillo hop creates a big citrus flavor with an ultra-crisp dry finish.

2. P Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro ABV – 6% $6
The aroma is of brown sugar and vanilla cream, with hints of roasted coffee. Initial roasty,
mocha flavors rise up, with slight hop & roast bitterness in the finish.

3. P Founders Solid Gold Lager ABV – 4.4% $5
Our take on a classic, Solid Gold is a drinkable premium lager brewed with the
highest quality ingredients.

4. NEW Southern Tier Cinnamon Roll ABV – 8.6% $7
In this brew, lightly toasted malts with subtly spicy hops blend into cinnamon
flavors and creamy lactose sugar.

5. Ace Pumpkin ABV – 7% $7
A seasonal cider, with pumpkin and allspice for the fall. Crisp with subtle aromas of
pumpkin, ideal for Halloween and Thanksgiving which is traditionally cider time.
followed by…NEW Ace Pear Cider ABV – 5% $7
Made from a base of 100% pure, local apple juice. Pear essence is added to give the cider
its distinctive pear taste; a taste so fresh and natural it is already proving as popular as its
more traditional apple counterpart. This cider is naturally gluten free.

6. P Bells Two Hearted ABV – 7.0% $6
Two Hearted as an intense hop aroma and malt balance with characteristics of grapefruit
and pine aromas. A very drinkable American-style IPA.

7. NEW P Founders Trigo ABV – 6.3% $6
Pale Wheat Lager: lightly hopped, citrus, floral.

8. Lagunitas Brown Shugga ABV – 9.8% $7
An aborted batch of their Old Gnarleywine ended up tasting nearly as good as that
they were hoping for, so they bottled it. God bless capitalism.

9. B Nectar Zombie Killer ABV – 6% $7
Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser is made with Michigan tart cherry juice, apple cider and
star thistle honey. It is sweet but balances nicely with the tart cherries.

10. NEW P Bent Paddle Bluegrass Kanu ABV – 4.8% $6
Brilliant hop expression with a structural malt “hull”, this session ale is infused with
blueberries and lemongrass.
followed by…NEW P Lift Bridge Chocolate Biscotti ABV – 7.75% $6
Chocolate Dipped Biscotti has sweet flavors of biscuits and vanilla. It is also malty,
nutty and has hints of chocolate with subtle hop character.

11. P Bent Paddle Bent Hop Golden IPA ABV – 6.2% $5
An unexpected visual bend to an American IPA. This style is one that stands out in a crowd.

12. P Fulton Lonely Blonde ABV – 4.8% $5
The Lonely Blonde wears a delicate fragrance of Czech Saaz hops, and flaunts
German Pilsner, Crystal 10, and White Wheat malt, which contribute medium-light
body, fair complexion, and a pleasantly lacy white head.

13. Destihl Wild Sour Cranberry Creik ABV – 5% $7
We merge tart cranberries with sweet cherries, normally associated with a traditional
Kriek, but in a kettle sour beer that is wonderfully intricate, balanced, fruity and
tart. We then dry-hopped this crimson-colored beer for a touch of citrus aroma and
flavor, adding another layer of complexity and a perfect finish. Cheers!

14. PToppling Goliath PseudoSue ABV – 7% $6
This single hop pale ale showcases the Citra hop for a well balanced beer that is
delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. She roars with ferocious aromas
of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen.

15. NEW Fulton Double Dry Hopped 300 ABV – 7% $6
We dry hop 300 at a rate of 1.65/BBL and then recirculate the beer to ensure
we extract as many of the desirable aromatic compounds as possible. For the
DDH 300 we did that process twice for a total dry hop rate of 3.3/BBL and
re-circulated it twice.

16. P Toppling Goliath Pompeii ABV – 5.5% $6
This single-hop IPA preserves the luxurious taste of the Mosaic hop.

17. P Big Sky Moose Drool ABV – 5.1% $5
Moose Drool is brewed with pale, caramel, chocolate, and whole black malts; and
Kent Goldings, Liberty, and Willamette hops.

18. P Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner ABV – 5.3% $5
Pivo Pils is a classically rendered pilsner with a West Coast dry–hopping twist,
showcasing stylistic influences from Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic. Lighter
beer styles like pilsner have been hijacked by industrial lager beer in the United
States, and it’s time for craft brewers to take it back. Pivo Pils offers impeccable
balance with floral aromatics, spicy herbal nuances, and bergamot zest and
lemongrass notes from dry hopping with German Saphir hops.

19. P Founders Harvest ABV – 7.6% $6
First sip of this beer rewards with a super juicy hop presence bursting with fresh
orange and lemon citrus then continues to introduce toasted malt undertones.
followed by… NEW Founders Backwoods Bastard ABV – 11.6% $8
Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet
caramel and roasted malts. A bit of earthy spice and a scintilla of dark cherries. It’s a
kick-back sipper made to excite the palate.

20. P Summit Extra Pale Ale ABV – 5.1% $5
Its light bronze color and distinctly hoppy flavor have made it a favorite in St. Paul,
Minneapolis and the rest of the Upper Midwest ever since we first brewed it back in 1986.

21. P BauHaus Sky 5 IPA ABV – 6.7% $5
Generous late hop additions provide loads of hop flavor, with just enough bitterness
to ignite your senses and make your wilder dreams come true. Notes of citrus,
passionfruit and spice are supported by German and British malts, building a full-
flavored yet balanced IPA.

22. Cider Boys Peach ABV – 5% $7
Thirst quenching apple and ripe fuzzy peach collide in a fantasy blend.

23. Cider Boys Blackberry ABV – 5.5% $7
As tempting as Eve. Ciderboys Blackberry Wild is a delicious blend of crisp apple
and juicy blackberries with unimaginable fruit flavors. Take a new wild path. A path
filled with sweet ripe blackberries. Take a walk on the wild side.
followed by…NEW Cider Boys Lemon Cello ABV – 5% $7
Cider Italian style. A cheery, aromatic fusion of hard apple cider and the refreshing
lemon flavor of limoncello liqueur. The taste of fresh lemon peel zest imparts a
sunny sweetness.

24. Toppling Goliath Imperial Golden Nugget ABV – 8% $7
A royal combination of Simcoe and Amarillo hops paired with a smooth golden
promise malt base to create this regal double IPA.

25. P Stone Tangerine IPA ABV – 6.7% $6
We use bountiful whole tangerine purée, which brings pithy, crisp bitterness to the
citrus flavor. In addition to the complexities of the tangerine — the likes of which
you can only get by using the whole fruit — we judiciously employ just a hint of
whole pineapple for a backnote.

26. P Dogfish Head Palo Santo ABV – 12% $7
Big Brown Ale aged on palo santo wood from Paraguay. is beer is a malty brown
ale aged on the wood of the Palo Santo tree from Paraguay. Palo Santo means “holy
tree” and it’s wood has been used in South American wine-making communities.

27. P Surly Wet ABV – 6.1% $6
Our wet-hopped pale ale returns. Fresh-picked Citra hops shipped straight from
Yakima, used undried in the brew, pack a bright citrus and floral punch in this
special seasonal beer.
followed by… New P Surly Liquid Stardust ABV – 7% $5
Festive and crisp, Liquid Stardust sparkles like few, if any, IPAs. Far-out waves of hop
flavor and aromatics pack a celebratory punch, while the clean, champagne-like fin-
ish begs for another sip.

28. P Funkwerks Saison ABV – 6.8% $6
Aromas of passion fruit, tangerine, and black pepper hit the nose. Flavor is a cascade
of orange, lemon verbena, ginger and pepper.
followed by… New P Central Waters Satin Solitude ABV – 7.5% $6
The rich coffee flavor compliments the “warm, fuzzy feeling” you get from the
abundant alcohol. Formerly a winter seasonal, named Satin Solstice.

29. Ballast Point Red Wine Sour Wench ABV – 7.26 $7
American Wild Sour Ale aged in Red Wine barrels!
followed by… New P Ballast Point Brandy Barrel Aged Belgium Quad ABV – 12.7% $8
Belgian Quad aged to perfection in Brandy barrels.

30. Stone XOCO Veza ABV – 8.1% $6
Xocoveza, an insanely delicious take on Mexican hot chocolate brewed with cocoa,
coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.

31. New P Destihl Weissenheimer Hefeweizen ABV – 5.9% $5
The aroma and flavor of this classic hefeweizen is decidedly fruity with clove,
nutmeg-like and even vanilla-like phenolics. Banana-like esters are also present.

32. New P Boulder Shake ABV – 5.9% $6
This unique brew blends five different grains, including Chocolate Wheat, that along
with cacao nibs create a devilishly delicious chocolate finish with a velvety mouth feel.

33. Tallgrass Key Lime Pie ABV – 4.2% $7
Key Lime Pie is an American sour blonde ale brewed with Sorachi Ace hops, a
Japanese variety with a unique lemon-lime citrus character. Also added in the brew
are lactose and lime peel, which give the beer a complex sweet-tart interplay and a bold
aroma of the beer’s namesake. It finishes with just a hint of graham cracker crust.

34. New Lagunitas Aunt Sally ABV – 5.7% $7
A Unique Dry-Hopped Sweet Tart Sour Ale. It tastes like a big bowl of fruity candy!
It’s sweet, tart, and sassy, just like the tasty cherry pie that your favorite aunt makes.

35. Bells Double Cream Stout ABV – 6.1% $6
Sweeter and smoother than Kalamazoo Stout. A beer for special winter occasions.
followed by… P Founders CBS ABV – 11% $8
Imperial Stout brewed with Chocolate and Coffee, aged in Maple Syrup-Bourbon
Barrels. Rich maple syrup, roasted coffee and velvety chocolate meld together in
what can only be described as a transcendental drinking experience.

36. P 21st Amendment Blood Orange IPA ABV – 7% $6
Brewed with real blood oranges with a base of Brew Free or Die IPA. We added
some additional Citra hops to compliment the oranges.

37. Boulevard Tank 7 ABV – 8.5% $7
Beginning with a flavorful surge of fruity aromatics and hoppy, grapefruit notes
(Amarillo hops), this complex, straw-colored ale finishes long, dry and spicy.

38. P Rush River Unforgiven Amber Ale ABV – 5.5% $5
Rich in flavor and mildly sweet, this amber ale is dry- hopped in the conditioning tank to
add a subtle herbal nose.

39. Destihl Blueberry Gose ABV – 5.2% $7
We add blueberries at the brewery, which unites another layer of fruity complexity in
this sour ale already known for its tart, citrusy, lime-like qualities, slight spicy note
from added coriander and a noticeable mineral mouthfeel from added sea salt
harvested from the shores of France.

40. P Surly Todd The Axe Man ABV – 7.2% $6
“Todd – The Axe Man” – a potent IPA loaded with fresh American aroma hops on a
base of rich Golden Promise malt, Surly’s signature malt.

41. P Elliot Ness Amber Ale ABV – 6.2% $5
Deep Amber red color, with a fragrant malt aroma. Flavorful notes of rich caramelized
malt and noble hop flavors harmonize on the palate leading to a crisp clean finish.

42. Ommegang Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons ABV – 6.5% $8
Ommegang describes this release as having “a rich with tart cherry up front leading
to a center palate of semi-sweet chocolate then resolving to subtle smoke and mild
followed by… NEW P Bells Arabicadabra ABV- 5.5% $6
A little brewers’ magic transforms locally roasted Arabica beans and a variety of
specialty malts into a creamy, intense coffee stout.

43. New Holland’s Dragons Milk ABV – 11% $7
This strong ale was aged in oak for over 120 days. The aging process extracts flavors
from the wood, which contribute to its complex character. Hints of bourbon flavor
perfectly compliment its roasted malts to produce a beer fit for a King.

44. Sierra Nevada Narwhal ABV – 10.2% $7
This malt-forward monster is bold – with notes of baker’s cocoa, molasses, and dark
roasted coffee. This massive imperial stout is incredibly complex, rich, and intense
and will develop in the bottle for years to come.

45. P Bells Best Brown ABV – 5.8% $5
With hints of caramel and cocoa, the malt body has the depth to stand up to cool
weather, but does not come across as heavy. is balancing act is aided by the
generous use of American hops.
followed by… NEW Lift Bridge Cranberry Ginger ABV – 5.3% $7
Traditional European style lager fermented with Ginger and Natural Cranberry puree.
Tart aroma and taste, finishing with malt sweetness and a gentle spice ginger note.

46. Victory Golden Monkey ABV – 9.5% $6
The richness of German malts and Belgian yeast are tempered by a sparkling approach
and overall light body.

47. P Horney Goat Peanut Butter Porter ABV – 6.5% $5
A full bodied porter that gets its dark luscious color from the generous use of roasted
malts. We bring just enough hops to balance out the hefty malt backbone but leave
the stars of the show to shine.

48. Ommegang Gnomegang ABV – 9.5% $7
This delectable blonde ale is a co-creation of two famed farmstead breweries:
Brewery Ommegang and Brasserie d’Achouffe. It employs five fine malts, two noble
hops, and both of the distinctive Chouffe and Ommegang yeasts.

49. P Firestone Walker Merlin Nitro ABV – 5.5% $5
A unique spin on the Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout. The addition of lactose (milk
sugar) and a dose of nitrogen transforms our original stout into ribbons of French
silk chocolate and mocha latte richness.
followed by… NEW P Boulder Maple Syzzurp Nitro ABV – 5.9% $5
Chocolate maple porter on Nitro… for creamy deliciousness! Boulder took the
Chocolate shake and added a bunch of maple syrup!

50. Founders Rubeaus Nitro ABV – 5.7% $6
Our tart and refreshing homage to raspberries, Rubaeus, is softened up and rounded
out with the infusion of nitrogen. Brewed with pale wheat malt and crystal hops to
allow the raspberries to shine; this is a fantastic way to enjoy Rubaeus year-round.

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